Inventaire Industriel



– Détection : mécanique, photoélectrique, inductive, ultrasonique, etc.

– Inventaire complet en contrôle


– Disjoncteur jusqu’à 3000A / 65kA


– Boîtiers de raccordement rapide avec camlok 100A à 4000A


– Transformateurs de puissance, à sec ou à l’huile**


– Variateur de vitesse / Démarreur progressif jusqu’à 150HP


– Boîtiers et armoires métalliques


– Éclairage Écoresponsable


– Interrupteurs à fusibles jusqu’à 800A


– Fusibles jusqu’à 2000A




EKIP UP , Disjoncteurs (Tmax, Emax 2, VD4, etc.)Mini disjoncteurs, contacteurs, démarreurs magnétiques, démarreurs manuels boutons poussoirs, relais d’interfaces, drives, disconnect switch, PLC, condensateurs, softstarts, FT-1 switch, switchboard, panelboard, switchgear, lighting panel ,NAL switch,limit switch, safety switch, JOKAB safety

Thermostats, Hygrostats, Ventilateurs, filtres, chauffage et unités thermoélectriques

Ac line reactor, Active Filters, Appliance Transformer, Class 1 Div 2 Transformers, industrial & Low & medium & non-linear transformers, power centers & conditioning

Laser cutting service of electrical enclosures for projects with low volume and custom built.



Commercial and industrial enclosures

BEMAG Transformer

General purpose transformers and Dry type distribution Pioneer

Design and manufacturing of construction and maintenance lighting and electrical products



Minuteries, relais , détecteurs de perte de phase

Regular, ultra-robust, explosion-proof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant  Heating systems, Temporary Power solutions

Fusibles et porte-fusible (haute et basse tension)




Heating elements, ventilators, thermostats, flexible heaters, PTC Fan Heaters, PTC convection Heaters, PTC Heating and thermal control solutions, climatization in Electrical enclosures



Disjoncteurs, mini disjoncteurs, contacteurs, démarreurs magnétiques, démarreurs manuels, boutons poussoirs, limit switch, safety switch, relais d’interfaces, drives, disconnect switch, PLC, softstart, stacklight

Fuses, fuse-holders (Low and high voltage)

Screw clamp terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks, Push-in & Spring  terminal blocks,  terminal block assemblies & software, test blocks Essailec, Stud terminal blocks, SNACOMPACT terminal blocks, Railway aplpications , Solar application terminal blocks, terminal blocks, din rails, power distribution blocs, markers & marking systems

Jobsite power & protection , power transformation units, power distribution units, cords & cordsets, cable & hose protection, commercial and industrial grade ligthning, hazardous location lightning, portable power, Pendant power & control, cable reels, push button pendant stations, mini & micro sync devices



Signal management and infrastructure solutions for the audio / video, datacom, interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless switchers and HDBaseT & CAT-X signal delivery solutions

Reinforced epoxy pipeline system with fiberglass and phenolic resin. FRE products can meet your underground, above ground and confined area applications needs.



Cable ties, conduit fishing, conduit bending, connections, hand tools, NM electrical boxes, staples, switches, terminations, test instruments, wire management

HVAC ductwork hangers & supports, pipe supportsbrackets & hanging systems, seismic bracing & blast protection



Grounding & Bonding, Lightning Protection, Exothermic Welding & Grounding


Data & communication, grounding & bonding, compression & mechanical connectors and terminals, cable glands, enclosures, fittings hazardous locations

Transformateurs de contrôle et de distribution

Industrial and commercial enclosures, climate control and accessories

I  & J


Electrical Fittings, Compression Tools, Connectors,
Power Blocks, Power distribution blocks, grounding lugs and bars, Power Terminals , mechanical terminals, wire management, surge protection, duct seal


Control and protection, contactors, disconnect switches, fuseholder, power supply, wire management and termination, terminals and connectors

Industrial enclosures

Cutting, stripping & crimping tools, DIN rail cutting tools, wire duct cutting tools

FTTx Access & fiber optic cabling, 5G connectivity, Internet of Things (loT) , Power & battery Tester, Cable Antenna Analyzer, 5G Spectrum Analyzers – 5G PRO, 5G Distributed Antenna system ( DAS )


Luminaires heavy duty high bay for industrial and commercial, water and dust proof linear fixture

Duct rodders, fibre blowing, fish rods and tapes, overhead cable tools, lightning, insulated hand tools



Explosion proof enclosures, controls, distribution, fittings, cable glands, wiring device and lightning for hazardous location

Tools and pliers for many industries:

Automotive, Agriculture, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Plumbing



Network Solutions, Load Center, GFCI Protection, Commercial lighting $ Controls, Electrical electric charging, Utility submetering

Smart Home, Electrical wiring devices, Energy management, Home Automation, Lighting Controls, 

Data center solutions, Network Architectures

Phase loss detector, fuses, fuse-holders, ground fault relays, arc flash detectors, Protection relays for motors and pumps

Urban and commercial lighting , LED projector, City streetlight,

Industrial and commercial; High Bay lights, Linear High Bay LED, Vapor Proof LED, Wall pack Cut-Off LED, Canopy LED

Interior architectural lighting: Built-In spots LED,l Waterproof LED, V Tubesn Temporary LED Lamp, Emergency Exit LED, LED pannel

Anti-Explosion and Horticultural Lightning: Vapor proof DEL Anti-Explosion , Flood light DEL Anti-Explosion , HIGH Bay Anti-Explosion , Tubes & Linear Horticulture DEL



Transformers for control and distribution, Dry-Type Industrial Transformers, Industrial control Transformers, Auto-Transformers, Line Reactors, Costum Distribution and control Transformers

Power blocks, Terminal Blocks , Fuse Holders, Fused power distribution block, Fused disconnect switch

Electrical protection & control: Low voltage fuses, High and Medium voltage fuses, surge protection, lightning protection, power monitoring, Power transfer for rail vehicles

Power Management: High Speed fuses, DC protection for electric vehicles & Battery, Cooling solutions, Bus bars, Aluminium electrolytic and film capacitors

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): VFD for pumps, fans, conveyor belts

Electric motors: 50HZ motors, explosionproof motors, farm duty motors, metrics motors, multi speed motors, permanent magnet DC motors, Pump motors, Severe duty motors, Washdown motors


Aerial/pole line hardware, anchors, bonding and grounding, drop hardware, enterprise solutions, wireless products

Power pedestals, safety equipment, distribution gear, boat lift accessories

Manufacturer of Engineered Plugs and Receptacles:

Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles, High Ampacity plugs and Receptacles, Multipin plugs and receptacles, Standard Duty plugs and receptacles

Applications and Solution for Food and Baverage industry, Mining industry and Motors industry



Electrical wire and cables: Portable cable, High temperature wire, Teck cable, Utility wire and cable, Building wire and cable, Fire rated wire, Pump cable, Welding cable

Electronic wire and cables: 35 Series Electronig wire, 36 SeriesBelden Armoured, 37 SeriesTelecom & Data cables, 39 Series Low voltage wire, 42 Series Prenum cable, 49 SeriesFiber optic Cables

HDPE conduit

Circuit protection: DIN rail miniature circuit breakers, 400A to 600A Molded case circuit breaker, Motor-circuit protectors, Molded case switches

Industrial Controls: Motor contactors and overload protection, control circuit devices, manual motor starters, definite purpuse contactors

Rough-In fittings, Strut slotted & solid, explosion proof fittings, Weatherproof products, Signaling and switches, PVC conduit & fittings, DBII conduit & fittings,  ENT conduit & fittings, INDEX conduit & fittings, Compression fittings, Liquid tight coupling and connectors,

Variety of protectives gear cases

O & P


Variety of cable ties, Wire Termination, Duct, electrical tape, Mechanical and compression Lugs, Splices, Terminals, , Audio video system, Cabinets, Thermal management , Racks and enclosures, Copper systems, Fiber optic systems, Grounding and bounding, Connectivity hardware, Labels and identification, Wire routing , management and protection, Htap connectors, variety of Padlocks, Data centerSoftware: Cooling and Active control software, On-Premise DCIM software, SaaS DCIM software, PDU power cords, UPS accessories, Industrial Uninterruptible Power supplies (IUPS)

Telecom, Energy & Cables solutions

Copper category cables, Outdoor optical cables, Indoor-outdoor optical cables, Indoor optical cables,Copper telecom OSP cables, Optical fiber, Pre-connectorized solutions, HV & Submarine transmission

PMMI International

Electrician protective equipment:

Head and face protection, Faceshields,  FR knits & fleeces, Arc Flash kits, ArcGear protection garment system, Electrician gloves and recertification, H2O Raingear, Winter wear, Insulated floor mats, Aluminized clothing, Cryogen, Heat protection, Insulatedsafety tools, personal protective equipment


Carson, Duralite, Polymer, FRP

Q & R


Miller Fiber optic preparation tools, UtilityTool, Cablematic

TriView posts, Dome posts, surface makers, Rhino hit kit, signs and decals


Boîtiers de raccordement rapide avec camlok
100A à 4000A

Superior Flex

Flexible metalic and non-metalic conduit, Liquid tight connectors, Non metallic ultra flexible black connectors, Firebreak Blanket / Seal/ Sleeve/ Tape, Pyroflex Blanket, Sleeve, Thermosleeve B & S, Silicaflex Blanket / Sleeve /Tape AB , Slit conduit, Armadillo Aluminum Flexible conduit CSA


Application tooling, Cable assembles, connectors, EMI & EMC solutions, Energy & Power , fiber optics , Heat shrink tubing , identification & labeling, passive components, Relays, contactors & switches, sensors, terminals & splices, qire & cable, wire protection & management.

Pilot devices, connectors, tie-wraps, terminals, lugs, teck connectors

Wire Sentry,

Driver feedback signs, Speed Camera system, Radar activated strobe, Stop sign flasher, Braquet arms, GE signals,

Heating elements


Transformers, Filters, Harmonic solutions

Industrial control transformers, Reactors Resistors, Filter EMI

U … Z


Non-Metallic enclosures, VJ Series, VM Series, Cotum windows, enclosure with transparent covers Type 4X

Full line of American made pipe and tube products, Electrical conduit / EC & N, Standard pipe, Fire sprinkler pipe, Mechanical tube, Fence Framework, Energy Tubulars

Electrical tools for electricians, screwdrivers, Zyklop ratchets, L-Keys, Roller cabinet and foam inserts, adaptors and sets, Torque tools, impact driver, tools for bicycles and E-Bikes